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To ensure we keep your production flowing we have more than 40 years combined experience across a wide range of equipment and brands. SIEMSTECH Technical Services is an independent company under the SIEMSTECH Group providing a more focused delivery of services. 

We also offer comprehensive Service Level Agreements providing regularly scheduled preventative maintenance which allows us, and you, to sleep at night. Each SLA is customized around your specific needs to include regular services, spare parts as well as your consumables.

We stock all major wear parts to ensure we keep you production flowing.


We like to sleep at night! Therefore providing regular servicing of your investment to ensure best possible availability is an extremely high priority to us.

We value scheduled maintenance over run to failure as this reduces cost and increases production.


When something goes wrong we understand how urgent it is to get your machines back into production as quickly as possible. We ensure not only that your machine can get back to work as quickly as possible, but also that the repair is done professionally to restore it to its original factory standard.


The most critical component in being able to provide high standards of maintenance and repair service is the availability of spare parts.

We work hard to ensure quick access to wear parts for all our customers. Some spare parts however may need to be ordered in.


With service level agreements we are better able to prepare for our customers needs. We are also able to track and plan services well in advance ensuring that the needs spares are available log before the scheduled service.

In addition, consumables can be included to add even greater value to our customers.